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Keto is the name by which the ketogenic diet is known, which is a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates, to put the body into ketosis. When this happens, the fat is converted into ketones within the liver, which can provide more energy for the body, especially for the brain.

Organic Keto

Within the Peruvian biodiversity, there are very healthy and functional foods for different health functions. In our portfolio of products, we find many superfoods that help meet the goals that the keto diet proposes.

Keto Friendly Superfoods

In our products line wou will find keto superfoods.






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Keto products

As required, we can develop different products derived from keto foods. Our innovation team is attentive to food trends and their needs, taking care of the quality and safety that characterizes us, backed by our organic and quality certificates.


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We have a portfolio of healthy, organic and keto superfoods.

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