The positive impact of Kosher certification

"Kosher", a Hebrew word that means "suitable, appropriate or adequate", this term being used to relate the foods that meet the Jewish dietary standards of the Hebrew Bible. The laws of Kashrut (Jewish dietary law) regulate two main aspects: The allowed foods and the preparations that the meals have.

The Kosher certification fully supports the requirements of these standards, and its symbol is synonymous with quality and guarantee when evaluating the supplies, cleaning, and production control that each product undergoes under these regulations. All this is reviewed by a Rabbi, who when visiting the process plants inspects and evaluates that the regulations are respected.

Kosher products are also related to conscious eating, which is why it is highly recommended by consumers looking for healthy products, people who must follow a strict medical diet and also by those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Another advantage of these foods is that the market it has is constantly growing. It is highly accepted in the United States and Europe, where the healthy trend is increasing.