Learn more about our cacao derivatives

Cacao is a predestined crop for the areas of the humid tropics in the entire eastern fringe of the Andes mountain range and the regions of the Amazon basin. It has different properties such as: High antioxidant content, an important source of magnesium and sulfur, improves glucose metabolism and lowers blood pressure.


At Algarrobos Organicos, we have a wide line of products derived from this Peruvian food:


In our production facility the process of peeling and mincing raw cacao is carried out, without the need to roast it. This product is used as an alternative in granola, drinks, snacks, pastry, confectionery and chocolate.

After obtaining the raw material, through a friction and heat system, this product is obtained, ready to be used in the preparation of drinks, ice cream, confectionery and chocolate.

After obtaining the cacao liquor, it is pressed, thus obtaining one of the most important products, the pressing machine extracts a product with a very viscous, transparent color, which after cooling can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic and food.

After obtaining the cacao butter, a kind of "cacao cake" remains. This block of pressed product is taken to the grinding area where the cacao powder is finally obtained, used in beverages and pastries.

Cacao nibs covered with yacon syrup and sugar cane. Used as a snack, pastry and biscuit.