5 superfoods valued in healthy baking

We pay more and more attention to what we eat, taking care that the inputs are natural and of quality, but that they also help to take care of our health.

Superfoods are also in the world trend, so it is not surprising that these products are inputs for those looking for a more conscious and healthy diet. They stand out from them:

Product obtained from the transformation of selected dried maca roots. It is included as a staple in the daily diet, as it has nutritious vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant sterols. Being a natural energizer, maca powder can be used in smoothies for athletes, and it is also recommended to use it with breakfast (it can be in a juice, smoothie, even  coffee or other infusion). Its characteristic flavor can also be noticed in cookies and desserts. In some recipes, maca can be used to make breads and cakes.

Product obtained from the transformation of selected cocoa beans. It has different properties such as: High antioxidant content, an important source of magnesium and sulfur. Among the benefits of cacao powder we have the improvement of glucose metabolism and lowers blood pressure. Very useful for preparing desserts with an intense chocolate flavor, ideal for all kinds of cakes, cookies, among others. Its versatility also makes it ideal for drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies.

This powdered superfood is obtained from lucuma pulp through a dehydration and grinding process. Among the benefits of lucuma we find: Source of carbohydrates, minerals and fiber. It is high in antioxidants, niacin, and calcium. Thanks to its characteristic flavor, this product can be included in drinks, juices and milkshakes. It is also highly valued in baking.

Selected organic goldenberry fruits and dehydrated at a low temperature. It is high in vitamin A that keeps the skin and eyes healthy, rich in antioxidants. This healthy and natural snack can be consumed directly, as well as in pastries and ice cream.

Product obtained from the drying, grinding and sieving of the cranberry, without the incorporation of food additives. They are especially rich in vitamin C. They are a good source of fiber; that improves intestinal transit. Used in pastries, drinks, milkshakes or smoothies.