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Organic Certifications

Each of our processes has received organic certification: from the field to the processing in our facilities and the commercialization of each of our products. Our employees are trained regarding organic regulations and we have a technical assistant team in our facilities as well as in the fields for the approval of our processes under Peruvian regulations. Our facilities' equipment ensures the safety and quality of our processes.

HACCP Certification

We ensure the safety and quality of our processes by implementing Good Manufacturing Practices towards the achievement of the HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Both certifications are certified by NSF International. With these, we guarantee the quality of each one of our products as well as our processes, with qualified and trained personnel.

Kosher Certifications

Algarrobos Organicos del Peru holds a Kosher Certification that guarantees the quality of the products according with the international regulations of the Jewish community. This certification means that the products are appropriate according the biblical and Talmudic regulations.

Gluten Free Certified

Our company achieved the Gluten-Free certification in order to validate the process regulation and to verify that our products are free of this component. We demonstrate that the risk of contamination of gluten is none due to the fact that in our facilities we only work with peruvian superfoods.

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