Sacha Inchi

Scientific Name: Plukenetia Volubilis L.
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Common names: Sacha Inchi, Mount peanut, Incan Peanut, Sacha Peanut


Sacha Inchi is a plant from the Peruvian Amazon. Its name means “people’s seed” in the quechua language and it is harvested from pods with a star figure. The nuts that come from inside the pods are also known as “incan peanuts”. Many indigenous communities have been using these seeds for centuries because of its nutritional values.

The Sacha Inchi is native plant from the Peruvian Amazon. Many indigenous communities had used the seeds by decades due to its nutritional value. Plantations can be located in the high jungle of Peru, in regions of Amazonas, San Martin, Huanuco, Junin and Ayacucho.


This plant offers excellent possibilities for the food industry because of his high content of proteins (up to 29%), amino acids, up to 54% of essential fatty acids (linolenic, linoleic and oleic acids known as Omega 3,6 and 9) and vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols).


It is mostly used for protean milkshakes and juices. Recommendable for sportsmen or athletes.


Sacha Inchi Powder is a very digestible protein, rich in iron, fiber and calcium. It contains all the essential amino acids for the development and maintenance of the muscles. It is also known for its high concentration of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3.


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