Scientific Name:Chenopodium Quinoa Willd
Family: Chenopodiaceas
Common names: Quinua, Quinoa


The theories about the origin of the quinua are dissimilar. According to archeological findings in the Chilean north frontier, quinoa was used 3000 years before Christ, while in findings in the area of Ayacucho-Peru, archeologists state that quinua domestication begun 2000 years before.

Algarrobos Organicos is growing quinoa in the highlands of Piura, above 2400 masl, having for the first time an organic production of Black Quinoa from the Pasankalla variety. Nowadays, the biggest production takes place in the highlands of Puno, which is the principal producer, with 82% of the harvest.


Quinoa has a high nutritional value of protein, which varies between 13.81% and 21.9%, depending on the variety. Because of its high content of essential amino acids, quinoa is considered as the only natural food that provides all the essential amino acids according to standards established by the FAO.


It is used in drinks, punchs, milkshakes, juices and different supplement mixed beverages.


The Quinoa Extruded Powder is obtained from cleaned and selected quinoa grains. It goes under the extruded and milling process, to finally obtain the fine powder ready for consumption.


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