Purple Corn

Scientific Name: Zea mays L var.
Family: Gramineae
Common names: Purple corn , Maiz Morado


Purple Corn is a unique variety of the Andean Valley that is normally cultivated at 3000 MASL. There are different varieties of corn that come from the Kculli specie, which is still cultivated on the Peruvian Andes. It has been found in different ceramics from the Mochica Culture.

This product is cultivated in different areas of our country, where the producers work the land with an organic management. Algarrobos Organicos develops strategic alliance with the small farmers growing purple corn.


Purple corn is a really important antioxidant because of its high content ofanthocyanin and phenolic compounds. It also has functional and bioactive properties. The Nagoya Medicine School in Japan proved with a pigment study that the purple corn can help prevent the development of colon cancer. It is believed to help reduce the cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost blood circulation and improve the regeneration of connective tissues.


TThe purple corn has been used since pre-incan times. The powder can be used in patisserie, beverage and different shakes. It can be used also as a thickener.


Purple Corn Flour
Comes from selected grains which are milled and pulverized, in order to obtain a powder very rich in starch.

Milled Cob
The coronta or cob is milled, since is the part of the corn that concentrates the mayor quantity of anthocyanin. This product is then pulverized so we can obtain a purple powder, used as an colorant for beverages and desserts.


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