Scientific Name: Prosopis Pallida.
Family: Mimosaceae
Common names: Algarrobo, Mezquite, Carob


Its name remounts to the colonial age. Spanish people saw in this tree -known as “Tacco”- in Quechua, some qualities are similar to the european carob, which it is believed to have been introduced by the Arabians. Nowadays, it is known that mesquite was used in prehispanic times, thanks to the Antonio Raimondi findings.

This specie is collected on the north coast of Peru, being Piura an area with a vast field extension. Algarrobos Organicos works hand by hand with the “Ignacio Távara Pasapera” Farmers Community, receiving certification for more than 100 hectares of the 1000 that are under the Forest Management Plan, approved by the Technical Forest Administration of Piura.


Is a natural energizer. It contains carbohydrates and soluble fiber that makes our metabolism fluid. It contributes to the intestinal flora, reducing the baterial amount and increasing the lactobaci, that helps in the restoration of the intestinal flora.


Mesquite syrup and powder can be used in cocktails, milkshakes, juices and different beverages as a natural sweetener.


Mesquite powder and Syrup is obtained from the mesquite pods. Once selected, they are washed and disinfected.

Algarroba/Mesquite Powder
It is dehydrated at temperatures below 45°C. Afterwards, it goes thru milling in order to obtain the fine powder ready for consumption.

Algarroba/Mesquite Syrup
This syrup is obtained with the artesanal cooking of the mesquite pods.


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