Scientific Name: Pouteria Lucuma Kuntze
Family: Sapotaceas
Common names: Lúcuma, Lukumo


Native from the Peruvian Amazon. It grows around the basin of the rivers Nanay, Ucayali, Marañon and Tigre.

Lucuma has been considered as the delicacy of the Incas. This fruit is known in our country as a flag product. It has been reflected by our ancestors in different ceramics and paintings.

This product grows between the coast and the Andean Region of Peru. Our lucuma comes from the Andean Region of Piura, located at 2000 masl. We work with an association of 200 small producers for the natural gathering of this product, being the first project of this kind in Peru.


It contains important quantities of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fiber. It has a high content antioxidants, niacin (Vit B3) and calcium.


It has been used since Pre-Incan times. Its flavor is a great addition for bakery, ice creams, milkshakes and juices, as well for chocolate industry.


Organic Raw Lucuma Powder is obtained from the fresh fruit, which is washed and disinfected. Afterwards, it is peeled and cutted in slices. It goes through dehydration at temperatures below 45° C. This helps to preserve the color, flavor and smell of the product. Finally it is pulverized to obtain the organic lucuma powder of wild collection.


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