How to get bulk maca powder?

Maca powder is a food highly recognized worldwide, as it has high levels of calcium and iron, as well as acting as an energizer and natural aphrodisiac, making it an attractive product for many consumers.

In our company we offer maca powders in bulk, in its different characteristics:

  • Maca extract powder

The export pallets for maca have measures of 1.20x1.00x1.50 m for air shipments and 1.20x1.00x1.75 m for sea shipments, and the standard packaging presentations are in 5 kg and 10 kg bags. However, if the client requests another type of weight, it can be changed according to the requirement.

For the product to reach its destination, export pallets can be sent through air shipments (1.20x1.00x1.50 m) and sea shipments (1.20x1.00x1.75 m). The minimum purchase quantity is 500kg of pallets for air, and 1000kg for maritime respectively.

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