The nutrition you are looking for thanks to Peruvian quinoa

Theories about the origin of quinoa are dissimilar. According to some archaeological near the Chilean border, quinoa was used 3000 BC. Other findings in Ayacucho (Peru) stipulate that the domestication of quinoa began 2000 years before that inclusive.


Currently, it grows from sea level to 4000 m of altitude in the Andes of Peru, although its most common height is from 2500 m. This food is recognized worldwide thanks to its multiple benefits, among which are:


  • Source of amino acids: Which help brain development 
  • Rich in protein: Helping to form the muscles of the body
  • Contains iron and fiber


We have the color varieties of this superfood: white quinoablack quinoa, red quinoa and mix. In the case of the powdered by-product, it is obtained from the drying, grinding and sieving of the quinoa grains, without the incorporation of food additives.


This product can be very useful in the gastronomic world, since it is easily adapted as an ingredient to different foods, desserts, cakes, cookies, drinks and even bread. All this without losing the aforementioned benefits.


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