Mesquite, gift from the Peruvian north

tree is a pod collected on the north coast of Peru, Piura being the area with the most extensions of land.

This product is a natural energizer. It contains carbohydrates and soluble fiber that facilitate the metabolism of our body. It contributes to the intestinal flora, reducing the amount of bacteria lodged in our digestive system and increasing lactobacilli, which help to rebuild the intestinal flora.

To obtain organic mesquite powderthe pods are dehydrated at temperatures below 45 ° C. Then it goes through grinding to be transformed into a fine powder ready for human consumption, then it is packaged according to the requirement of our clients.

This product can be used as an ingredient in drinks, cakes, cookies and various desserts thanks to its sweet taste, so it will be an ally in different pastry recipes. Since it is gluten-free, carob powder is a nutritional opportunity for people with celiac disease.


We export mesquite powder to the destination where you are located, through sea and air routes and according to your needs.