Maca powder benefits for men

Black maca is well known as the black gold of the Andes, this food grows in the Peruvian highlands at more than 4000 masl, and whose origin dates back to 8000 BC. Despite growing in such difficult areas, we have several benefits of black maca for men.

This type of maca is closely related to male virility, and it is no wonder. The frequent consumption of this super food helps sexual and reproductive health, increases the quality, volume and proper functioning of sperm.

Black maca powder is considered a natural aphrodisiac, since it can be useful in cases of sexual dysfunction by stimulating the libido. It also raises testosterone levels and takes care of the health of the prostate.

Among the benefits of maca we find:

  • Energizing food, which helps to increase physical resistance. Important in the diet of those who want to combat physical and mental fatigue.

  • This variety of maca in particular, helps to take care of the good memory and stimulates the concentration.

  • It also contributes to stress reduction and helps improve mood.

  • It has high levels of iron, a very important nutrient that helps metabolism and blood health, also black maca is rich in calcium, helping the health and development of bones