Scientific Name: Theobroma cacao L. (Criollo Variety)
Family: Esterculáceas
Common names: Cocoa, Cacao , Kakao


The name of cacao has its origin with the Mayas and Aztecs cultures in the region that is now Mexico as well as from regions of Colombia and Venezuela.

Cacao is a perennial crop for the wet tropic areas in all the oriental fringe of the Andes Mountains and regions of the Amazon Basin. Algarrobos Organicos del Peru works the cacao crops with farmers of the Yanesha Communities of Peru, found in the region of Pasco, in the Central Amazon. This crop is worked under a Nature Consortium agroforestry system, preparing the fields with organic material, putting seeds of many fruits, such as banana, yucca, pituco, papaya and pacay.


Cacao has been studied for several years, showing a high content of antioxidants; an important source of magnesium and sulfur and improving the metabolism of glucose. It contains phenyl ethylamine, which generates a happiness sensation.


Cacao Nibs Toppings, snacks, granola, desserts.

Cacao Liquor Chocolate bar preparation.

Cacao Butter Patisserie, desserts, cosmetics.

Cacao Powder Milkshakes, beverage, desserts.


Cacao Nibs
Are the result of beans being peeled and cut in a raw condition, without the need of heat.

Cacao Liquor
Is obtained by a friction and heat process out from 100% selected raw cacao beans.

Cacao Butter
Is the result of pressing the cacao liquor. The pressing machine extracts a shiny transparent product that is very viscous.

Cacao Powder
After pressing the cacao liquor for cacao butter, it is left a kind of "cacao cake". This pressed product block is brought to grinding area where finally the cacao powder is obtained.


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